Gone are the days of a few surveyors plotting out land resources, and getting satellite “best-guess” mapping and watershed data. If you require highly accurate 3-dimensional products like digital surface/elevation models (DSMs/DEMs) for GIS, or 1 foot-interval contours for CAD, our photogrammetry unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are capable of producing models with vertical accuracy down to 4-6″.

Couple this with our engineering and environmental scientists and Solspec becomes your essential collaborator in your construction and land resource planning.

OrthoSpec can help you develop a plan to manage and mitigate your asset risk during construction. Using predictive analytics, we can evaluate and determine where your largest environmental and structural risks are, and help you create a strategy to mitigate the risk in the most safe, and cost-effective manner possible.

Our team has years of environmental reclamation, construction and engineering, and regulation compliance experience to know the best approaches to myriad potential problems across agriculture, oil and gas, mining and construction industries. Let our data-driven models give you peace of mind in an uncertain world.

Every OrthoSpec project can use available data or our UAV fleet to capture your asset data. All options are on the table to get you:

• High Resolution Aerial Imagery
• Time Sensitive Imagery Acquisition
• Construction Progress Reports and Contract Reinforcement

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